Simple VR


a virtual reality video player

Easy Intuitive UI

Play/Pause/Stop buttons using full hand motion controls and simple point & drag controls to customize your screen size and distance

180° / 360° Videos

Maximize your 180 and 360 degree video experience with full customizable settings for Distance, Tilt, and Height.

Keeping It Simple

Our philosophy is to keep it simple and create useful software that doesn't have to be complicated.

Developed to take full advantage of HTC Vive™ and hand motion controls.

"We wanted to create the first simple and easy to use VR video player to take advantage of the Vive and it's hand motion controls. No other video player for the Vive compares to Simple VR Video Player for its simplicity and ease of use."


2D/180°/360° Videos
3D Side By Side(SBS)/Over Under(OU) Video Support
180° Fisheye
Motion Controls Support Using OpenVR
Adjustable Brightness/Contrast/Color/Gamma/Hue Settings
Full Tilt/Distance/Height Controls
Scalable Super Sampling Resolution
"Super Enhanced" Mode For Sharper Image Fidelity
Saveable 180/360 Settings Unique For Each Video
Virtual Play/Pause/Stop Buttons
3D Menus & File Navigation
Haptic Feedback
One-Handed Controls
Curved Screens
Multiple decoding engines including Media Foundation and DirectShow

Advanced Virtual Reality Video Player

We designed a simple video player out of necessity. We also wanted to make it powerful and customizable using familiar controls.

Save Your Settings

Everyone who has tried to watch 180/360 degree videos understands the importance of adjustable settings. With Simple VR Video Player, you can achieve your perfect scale and save your settings that are unique for each video.

Super Sampling

For those with powerful video cards, take advantage of the latest technology to sharpen the quality of your display with our built-in super sampling settings from within the app.

Drag To Resize

Do you want to watch a movie on a 100ft screen? Now you can can with a flick of your wrist using Simple VR Video Player's drag and resize controls using motion controllers.

"Super Enhanced" Mode

Sharpen your video and drastically improve image fidelity by enabling "Super Enhance". The Super Enhance technique utilizes an intelligent sharpening algorithm to enhance contrast and details while maintaining image quality. This feature when combined with high Super Sampling effectively upscales, sharpens, and downscales the video for greatly improved clarity especially on virtual reality headsets.

Multiple Decoding Engines

Supports multile video decoding engines including Media Foundation, DirectShow, and LibVLC to maximize compatibility with most videos and codecs. Use your favorite DirectShow filters such as LAV.

Motion Controls First

The software was designed specifically for the HTC Vive with a "motion control first" design philosophy. Unlike other VR video players, our interface is keyboard and mouse free so you can be completely immersed in VR without having to take off your headset to reach for obscure keyboard shortcuts.